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Shatner knows that Alan wants Denny

Check this out:
Of Denny Crane's relationship with Alan Shore, the character played by James Spader on Boston Legal, Shatner said, "He wants me, a lot...he needs nurturing, and he suckles at my breast a lot." Philbin then showed a clip of what he labeled "a tender moment" in which Shore discussed what Denny's friendship meant to him and Denny replied, "I'm not having sex with you."
supercute girlfriends

Kirk? Denny? Donfield? Bill Baxter? TJ Hooker?.... sign up: the Shatner Slash Fest

Rules/Official Website/cool picture of Shatner drinking perrier

Sign up and write! Even a drabble. The rules are very lax, so if you want to write het stuff or threesomes, that's fine. I just want to see how many obscure Shatner characters we can actually scrape up fanfic about. And some of them are more slashable than others--after all, he did play Alexander! ~_^

It would also amuse me greatly if there was fanfic slashing two (or more... oh dear) Shat characters together. And other kinds of crossover (Donfield/McCoy, anyone? Heehh) are also welcome.

Sign up by replying and telling me which Shatner character(s) you plan to write about, and I'll add your penname and chosen character to the website. More than one person can pick the same character. Let me know if you need challenges.

Please feel free to forward this to other places.
RPS is NOT a part of this fest.
Due date: January 30, 2006
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Extra-Speshul for dreamplum, because I've indulged yet again in Boston Legal eps (only one left!), and OMG all the male characters are fantastic!! And Shirley Schmidt, too. She's got balls, which could explain that ;-)
Anyway, I felt like drabbling, since other, longer things wouldn't let themselves be written.

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